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1ST Pediatric Heart Surgery Successfully Done at UOLTH

Abdulhamid Mpoza
Another milestone in the history of the University of Lahore Teaching Hospital (UoLTH) was witnessed on January 15, 2018 when Dr. Salman A. Shah conducted the first Pediatric Open-Heart Surgery successfully at PCHF-UoLTH Children Heart Care Center. The operation of a 5 year old Raja Abdullah from Azad Kashmir, took four successive hours.
Raja member of a deserving family was admitted on January 12, 2018, observed and medically prepared for 2 days, operated on January 15, and discharged on January 18, 2018. He is doing well. The Chief Operating Officer (based at UoLTH) for Pakistan Children Heart Foundation (PCHF), Mr. Shahid Qayyum revealed this to the Spectacle in an exclusive interview, January 19, 2018. He said several operations were to be conducted the following two weeks. PCHF is the main sponsor in terms of providing staff and required medication, on the other hand, all hospital services are provided free of cost to deserving patients by UoLTH.
“This was the first surgical procedure conduct by the team at UoLTH and it was successful. We are thankful to Allah s.w.t. Several others are going to follow because we have more than 100 patients on the operations’ waiting list.” He observed.
The remarkable heart surgery is part of the partnership agreement between UoLTH and PCHF that was signed last year with the aim of supporting children born with congenital heart defects (CHD). UoLTH is providing state of the art surgical and medical facilities in this arrangement and PCHF is offering all the necessary manpower in form of doctors, nurses and para-medic staff along with arranging medicines and disposal.
The collaboration is focused at providing not only the best pediatric health care to the under privileged families but also to help them be part of a healthy society.

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