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Zeoo Ziaa, a graduate of school of creative arts, made a short documentary on Wakhi Shepherdess which has been selected in 19 international film festivals. Supun Xik “– The Last of the Wakhi Shepherdess” is one of its kind documentary, shot in Hunza under extreme climate conditions. During the filming of the documentary the temperature was minus 35o C and the shoot was completed in 3 months. The Documentary has won the Best Cinematography Award in International Category at the 12th “Early Bird International Student Film Festival” held in Sofia, Bulgaria and Zero plus International Film Festival Tyumen Russia. As a reward, the young filmmakers will get funding for their next film project, along with a diploma, and a sculpture made by Elizar Milev. It has also won the best documentary award at Lahore Eurasia Film festival and semifinalist of Miami Epic Trailer Festival Florida Other festivals in which it was officially screened includes: Eco Film Festival Mexico, One Country One Film festival France, Equality Film festival Ukraine, Pakistan Film Calling Festival, Pokhara International Mountain Film Festival Nepal, Ecozine film Festival Zaragoza Spain, Pakistan Film Festival London, Vasakh Documentary Film Festival Lahore, A tradition of the Mountains London, FECEA – Festival de Cinema Escolar de Alvorada Brazil, International Bosphorus Film Festival Istanbul, Beyoglu, Native Spirit Film Festival London, GEOFILMFESTIVAL and EXPOCINEMA Italy, Princeton Film Festival New Jersey, United States Bozcaada International Festival of Ecological Documentary Turkey.

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