Khurram Bajwa

The Department of Computer Science & IT organized a one-day workshop on CYBER SECURITY. The event was purposed to provide awareness to the students about the security measures of the internet—including being conscious and alert in the cyber world.
Learning outcomes included giving basic advice on securing communication networks, demonstrating critical and appreciative comprehension of technical literature on network security as well as exhibiting technical skills to increase security of communication networks.

The guest speaker was Dr. Muhammad Rizwan Asghar, a senior lecturer in Department of Computer Science at University of Auckland, New Zealand. He key-noted on numerous important aspects of “CYBER SECURITY”.

Faculty staff, students and young researchers expressed satisfaction of the enriching information as supplied from a research and industrial perspective.
The event was yet another success in terms of attendance by a reasonable gathering of honorable faculty members along with the active participation of students from diversified educational and research backgrounds.

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