To biologists, it is metamorphosis. To academics,  a paradigm shift. Or rebranding to the business  minded moguls. While those with religious inclination call  it is a resurrection, historians refer to this a restoration or  renaissance.  All the diverse adjectives point to the same subject matter:  The revitalization of The Spectacle newsletter—first published  in 2011—thanks to pioneer students of Bachelors of Science  Media and Communication as well as of Film and Television.  It was a huge effort and foundation.  The rebranded newsletter will appear monthly with  ‘displaying relevance,’ as its slogan. As a regular reader you  will discover relevant content about the University of Lahore  (UOL) potentials. Academic departments will showcase of  what they offer and scholars will easily share innovations in  terms of skills, knowledge and attitudes. Still, professionals  have no excuse of not sharing expert views, opinions and  commentaries. Students will read about themselves, see  talents and wonders of others, express feelings and share  views. To learners yearning for new skills and experience,  here is another training ground. For those who used to write  previously, a chance for practice is here.  It is a news archive for university achievements, awards,  development projects, past, current and future events, profiles  of unique personalities, informed opinions, commentaries,  new researches, innovations in science and technology,  culture and lifestyle as well as sports and entertainment.  The Spectacle will also take you outside UOL to cover  educational events from within and outside Pakistan and  valuable national and international stories.  In the all-inclusive spirit, we guarantee space for everyone—  to be part of the anticipated success of this initiative. You  can contribute as a writer, reporter, reader, a news maker or  source so that others can write about you or a well-wisher.  As we takeoff, we acknowledge diligent efforts rendered to  this maiden edition by the Patron-in-Chief, the Chairman  Board of Directors, the Rector, Pro-Rectors and the Director  Office of Student Affairs.  Special compliments go to, Heads of Department SISS and  SOCA, Manager Human Resource, SOCA administrators  and academic staff, Editorial Board, UOL departmental focal  persons, news sources, writers and reporters, sub-editors,  Jehan films, Blue Orca and all those who made any step  towards making this edition a reality.  Bravo and welcome aboard!

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