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In line with its statutory mandate of striving to  ensure quality education across the country, the  Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan  through its Quality Assurance Agency (QAA), on  November 1, 2017 visited the University of Lahore  (UOL) Main Campus on Defence Road to review all its  offered Master of Philosophy (M.Phil) and Doctor of  Philosophy (Ph.D) academic programmes. The visit is  part of HEC’s country wide strategy of improving the  state of higher education provision in the institutes of  higher learning.  According to Assistant Director, Quality Assurance  Cell, UOL, Mr. Umar Nawaz Khattak, who spoke to  the Spectacle in an exclusive interview, November 8,  2017, the HEC’s QAA Team reviewed sixty eight (68)  M.Phil and Ph.D programmes from eleven faculties of  the university. He adds that academic programmes’  review exercise, is one of the external and internal  mechanisms of HEC to monitor compliance of  Universities to approved education standards.  “Such visits are normal and healthy. They help us to  improve and conform to all required standards. We  are waiting for the HEC’s feedback report which is  normally submitted to the toured institutions,” Mr.  Khattak said.  He observed that HEC officials reviewed UOL’s  policy documents, academic rules, inspected lecture  theatres, libraries, computer, research, science and  skills laboratories, faculty offices and examination  halls. Khattak applauded HEC for its adherence to  its motto of facilitating institutes of higher learning to  serve as an engine of growth for the socio-economic  development of Pakistan.  Commenting on the visit, UOL’s Academic Registar,  Mr. Karam Elahi said; “it was a nice exercise because  the HEC Team was able to physically observe what  we are doing. You know HEC receives a lot of  documents from all universities across the country.  If they go through them without physically inspecting  these institutions, they cannot have a true picture.  That is why they were here and interacted with us  professionally as required.”  HEC is an independent, autonomous, and  constitutionally established institution of primary  funding, overseeing, regulating, and accrediting the  higher education efforts in Pakistan established in  1947 and rebranded to its current form in 2002.

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