Here is Rimsha Khan, a final year Dietetics & Food student—making exceptional achievements in Pakistani OST Drama Industry

She is inspired by artist Shreya Goshal

UOL is a unique place to live in. Students join it to advance their academic careers as well as discovering the hidden talents and sharpening the visible ones. The Spectacle will be featuring students whose lives have been changed positively because of their stay at UOL from all dimensions.  In this May Edition, we present to you Rimsha Khan whose life has been changed by both nutritional science and music talent. Read the story! 

  1. Who is Rimsha Khan?
  2. A final year student of Doctor of Dietetics and Nutritional Sciences (DDNS) at the University of Lahore. Also an active member of Music Society. Originally, as a family, we used to live in Okara until 2011 when we shifted to Lahore—where I am currently a resident.
  3. Why did you choose DDNS?
  4. I used to watch nutritionists on TV and I got inspired towards this field. My Uncle also advised me to join this field.
  5. When and how did you join the Music Society?
  6. My friends heard me singing and encouraged me to showcase my talent by joining the Music Society. I yielded to their advice and went for auditions. This happened in my third semester and Subas Ather Jellani was the Society’s president then. When she listened to my voice, she absolutely loved it and took me to the studio. That was my first experience of formal singing with a microphone and it is how I got recruited into the Society.
  7. How has the music talent impacted on your life so far? 
  8. Positively. I started from singing Naats, and then slowly I turned to playback singing. By God’s blessing, my two Naats have already been recorded. I also auditioned to Adnan Siddiqui and I got selected for playback singing for an OST. Now, I have sung three OST’s for the Pakistani Drama Industry. I consider this to be a great achievement and I am now confident and proud of the music talent.
  9. Do you have any background to this talent? 
  10. Not much really though I took some classes from Sir Abdul Raoof at Alhamara. Presently, I am getting formal training at the Music School of UOL. All thanks to Sir Ejaz Shahid.
  11. What is your happiest moment so far in the music industry?
  12. The happiest moment would be when I got elected by Sahir Ali Bagga, a famous singer to sing a duet version of one Qaseedah (poetry). I can’t think of any other moment which made me that happy.
  13. How do you balance between singing and your DDNS studies?
  14. All credit goes to University of Lahore. When I am done with my classes, I voluntarily go to the Music School and rehearse for any upcoming performance. Good enough, my DDNS classes don’t clash with the music lessons and rehearsals. So it is quite manageable.
  15. What are your future plans as regards to singing?
  16. I have just started singing; I have a long way to go. Ultimately, I ‘am looking forward to sing in the Coke Studio.
  17. How do you handle mistakes during performance?
  18. I believe that the show must go on. So, if I ever make a mistake I just ignore it and keep on singing. I think mistakes are part of performance. You just have to learn from them.
  19. Who among the start musicians do you admire most and why?
  20. I listen to Noor Jehan and Lata Jee but Shreya Goshal will be my favorite. I relate to her the most. Because she is still young and singing while Noor Jehan and Lata jee are very senior and legends.
  21. Have you participated in any music competitions?
  22. Yes and won two competitions till now. One was aired on ATV called “Aik Nayi Subah” which was adjudicated by Hamid Ali Khan and Shazia Manzoor while the other was All Pakistan Music Conference.
  23. What advice would you give to upcoming beginners who tend to be nervous?
  24. Nervousness is natural and I also experience it. But what is important is exploit it and prepare thoroughly. Once you are on stage, know that the audience came to listen to you singing. This implies that the audience likes you. So, you should just keep all the negativity aside and perform to your best.
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