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LBS female students explain their choice of Business Studies

Naheed Kausar (English Department)

Many people tend to assume or believe that business studies are strictly a male domain. Or call it a stereotype that; “women have nothing to do with business”. The Spectacle recently conducted an opinion survey that targeted the female students of Lahore Business School (LBS) with an objective of exploring their motivations for opting for business degree programmes. Respondents were randomly selected from the LBS department. Special credit is given to the Librarian, Mr. Ghous Ali Sheikh sahib for accepting the survey to be conducted at the library without interrupting the concentration of other users.  Below are the excerpts:

Spectacle: What influenced you to choose Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) which is generally considered to be a boys’ discipline?

Fajar Saleem:  I was inspired by my brother who is doing business studies. My parents chose it for him with a plan that in future he does business as his occupation. I built my courage from that background.

Spectacle: So, by selecting a course like this, do you feel out-of-place?

Fajar Saleem: Not at all. I am just proving that business related studies are for all regardless of gender.


Spectacle: What inspired you to do BBA instead of any other subject or course?

Zoobiba Fatima: I personally had great passion for BBA. It is by choice. No one influenced me to do business and I am aspiring to be an exceptional business person.


Spectacle: why did you choose BBA?

Aniya Khan: To acquire knowledge and skills that would help me run my own business in future. I have already started working on a project related to fashion industry and I have one brand of cosmetics that I want to launch in the market very soon.

Spectacle: Can you kindly share more details of your product?

Aniya Khan: It is a skin care product called “Aniya Khan Make-Up”. I know many young girls will like it because it is really trendy.

Spectacle: What kind of professional opportunities are awaiting a BBA graduate?

Aniya Khan: Quite many. We can go to banks serving as managers, accountants, business developers, and client relation officers. We can run our own businesses in a better way. For example, as mentioned, I am doing BBA (Hons.) to run my cosmetics and fashion business in the near future.


Spectacle: Hello, are you Jaweria? What made you to do BBA?

Jaweria:   Yes, I am Jaweria. I am studying this course for the sake because I am more interested in charitable work as my future career. I have a dream of establishing an organization to help poor students in my community. You never know some of the aspects of BBA might help me in future. Allah knows.

Spectacle: Do you have some names of successful business women you know in Pakistan?

Jaweria: They are many but let me mention Roshan-e-Zafar, an active social entrepreneur with impressive list of credentials; Jehan Ara, the President of Pakistan Software Houses Association for information technologies; Kalsoom Lakhani, an eminent entrepreneur; and Maria Umar, the founder of Woman’s Digital League (WDL) and many others.

Spectacle: Do you have some successful women inspiring you?

Sila Asfar: Yes, I have Sophia Hasnain, Fawazia Salahuddin, Erum Khalid, Maliha Khan, Fariha Akhtar, Saba Gul and Ghulam Sughra Solangi.


Spectacle: Why did you choose BBA and do you expect to apply the acquired skills in the field of work?

Fajar Saleem: My little exposure to business life before joining the UOL motivated me. I earlier had worked in an American project for some time. I was a business developer in a Customer Service Call Centre. We were selling Limousine cars to individual clients and giant companies. Sometimes we could even work at night. Such schedules helped me to gain a great deal of valuable experience. I intend to specialize either in finance or marketing and use the acquired skills in business and real life.

Spectacle: Are you still working with the American project?

Fajar Saleem: No.  I had to suspend that job after my admission at UOL. It was difficult to continue with that job. It required a lot of time and concentration.

Spectacle: Can you share a little about night shift experience that you had with the American project?

Fajar Saleem: Well, it was a tough engagement but I had got used to it. In future, I will not have any problems with night shifts. Working in night shifts is not a target for me in future; however, if I get a well-paying job, I will not hesitate to take it up.


Spectacle: Why did you choose BBA and what areas of specializations do you anticipate?

Zoobiba Fatima: I want to be an academician in one of the four areas of specializations that we have; Human resource, marketing, and banking and finance. I am not yearning at doing business but I want to teach those who do business.


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