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In an email circulated to colleagues prior to the end of last year, Associate Professor, Dr. Faisal Qadeer broke the news of: “Our book on materialism, its effects and precautions we can take, is now published and out in the market. You can buy your copies directly from the given link…”

The book has also been nominated for “impress prize award for new writers”. Dr. Faisal Qadeer is the Head of the Research Programme at Lahore Business School, University of Lahore, Pakistan. The book he co-authored with Afia Khalid, a PhD Scholar working under his supervision, is titled “Rising Consumer Materialism: A Threat to Sustainable Happiness.” It is published by Routledge (Taylor & Francis Group) one of the world’s leading publishers of scholarly journals, books, e-books, and reference works, in areas of humanities, social sciences, behavioral sciences, science, technology and medicine.

The book as described by the publisher, “presents a theoretical advancement of materialism research, identifies eight areas of a consumer’s life that are inter-disciplinary, and of prime importance towards promoting happy and rewarding lifestyles. It examines the pre-planned purchase process as the primary step towards satisfactory consumption. The theoretical framework provides a stream of research possibilities that guide readers towards healthy consumption patterns.”

The publisher further concludes that; “the book offers practical solutions to problems such as loneliness and unhappiness. It advocates a new dimension of consumption activity and lifestyle choices that can help to re-socialize and improve social bonds; hitting materialism right at its core, making the consumption experience well informed and beneficial for the consumer as well as society.”

“Together, pre-planned engaging, intrinsic experiential purchases with a view to environmentalism, religiosity, social giving, social support and nostalgia can cure the excessive emphasis on acquiring and showing off valuables that are disruptive to a consumer’s social affiliations and subjective wellbeing. Rather than utilizing material possessions as a proxy measure for success and happiness resulting in only temporary happiness, discontent, continuous brand/product switching, undesirable post purchase evaluations and shifting brand loyalties, the book establishes alternative mechanisms for achieving happiness. The integrated framework provides a comprehensive solution rather than a half-baked specific situational-based intervention and is a must read for academics, students and consumers alike. It provides a theoretical framework to a stream of research possibilities that guide readers towards healthy consumption patterns,” the publisher adds.

The new publication is considered by Routledge as a must read for academics, students and consumers alike.
The book link:…/Khalid-Qad…/p/book/9780815367598

Besides this book, Dr. Faisal has also published other important publications that include one Book Chapter and Seven Journal Articles in HEC Recognized Journals of Information Scientific Index (ISI) Impact factor of W, X, & Y categories. His book chapter is a 2017 novel piece on; “How leader member exchange impacts employees’ perceptions of organizational support, embeddedness and satisfaction: Some evidences from Pakistan. In N. Muenjohn & A. McMurray (Eds.), The Palgrave handbook of leadership in transforming Asia (pp. 273-293). London: Springer. The chapter is accessible via this link as well.

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