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Syed Hashir

University of Lahore Music Society (MS) organized a musical evening on December 29, 2017, two days to the start of 2018. This event was organized by society members led by the society’s General Secretary Syed Hashir, and gladly hosted by Syed shabieh, the official host.

Society officials welcomed Sana Zulfiqar, the playback singer of the Fair and Lovely ka Jalwa song from the Pakistani Movie Jawani Phir Nahi ani and Aadaat from the movie Arth 2. The songs performed by the guest star on the eve included Haniya, Fair and Lovely ka Jalwa, Aa zara and Aadaat. With her magical voice, she entertained the crowd of students and duly enjoyed her presence.

The crowd was not only entertained by singers and musicians but by Rappers too. The first Bhangraa dance was performed by Ihsan Rajpoot when he sang Ahun Ahun with the combination of dhol by Meesam, drums by Jerry, and harmonics notes by Salman, a performance that got the audience on their feet. There was also a Sufi performance by Haider Ijaz were he sang Lajpal Ali infused with  Dhol, drums and the hard core Electric guitar riffs that entirely thrilled the crowd with the intriguing sufi head bang. New talent from UOL also got to perform their best pieces.

This eve was successful, entertaining, and enjoyable thanks to the collective efforts of Music society’s musicians, singers and management which took almost a whole week to coordinate with all singers that performed hence successfully producing genuinely good music.

The management team of UOL Music Society led by Shayan Kazmi and Shawal Shah, security personnel, officials from the Office of Student Affairs, media coverage team led by Syed Mehroz and Zunaira and other helpers were totally active to ensure that the event could be free of any sort of mishaps.

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