No Compromise on Quality—Says Law Dean, Muhammad Khan

Our team traced down the Dean of Law Mr. Muhammad Bilal Khan who shared several insights about the Law Department. Below are the excerpts:

Q: How different is this department? How is it unique?

A: It’s different in the way of its professional operations—mainly how we train students to be professionals. After graduating, they just enter the professional life directly and start going to courts under different apprenticeships. Once you obtain this LLB degree, you can straight away practice law upon registration with the Pakistan Bar Council. Therefore, producing professionals not generalists is unique in a way.


Q: What are you focusing on right now?

A: We are focusing on providing a 5 years’ program of LLB instead of 3 years as its discouraged by the Pakistan Bar Council, Punjab Bar Council, Supreme Court, High Court and all the regulatory bodies. We are looking at improving the current B.A program of LLB. We want it fine-tuned and polished so that the pass out students can have the best quality of judiciary knowledge.


Q: What’s your aim regarding this department?

A: Not to compromise on quality. Even the Chairman Mr. Awais Raoof from the day one assured that, “The department is not a burden on the university, in fact it’s going to be one of the best in the university.” He also suggested to focus on quality instead of quantity. That’s why we only took 50 out of 200 applicants for this intake—to ensure effective service delivery.


Q: Have you developed relationships with the alumni? Are they contributing anything?

A: Of course. We are in touch and once they secure their license to practice we plan to arrange workshops with their collaborations. We anticipate benefits from their experience and exposure of the field through interactive sessions with the current students.


Q: What resources does the school offer to help students launch their careers?

A: We recommend our students to different practicing lawyers for apprenticeships. We even invite them here and after evaluating their propensities we provide them with good students to get trained under their wings. Also, we provide them regular counselling in deciding which area of law interests them as law is a very vast field for example, there is civil law, corporate law, crime law. We help them figure out which way they want to go or as to what will be suitable to them. This is not just to end here; after which, we try to facilitate them to get under the right person’s apprenticeship by sending them their way. We also are in a process of building our own library. But for now, the one we currently have, contains all the books that are required by the law students.


Q: What events do you organize for students?

A: Seminars, interactive sessions, talks and debating contests on legal propositions. We also invite guest speakers who have excelled in the profession, mostly senior lawyers to give a short lecture or talk to our students. They interact with students and do as much as they can to facilitate the student inquiry.


Q: What message would you give to current and prospective students?

A: Working hard. No one gets success overnight. Not only in the field of law; there is no shortcut to success in any profession. A department gets better than any other department, simply because its students work hard and by so, they can achieve anything. It is the key to success.






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