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Over 6,000 degrees awarded at super convocation

Abdulhamid Mpoza & Hiba Khan

The Punjab Minister for Higher Education, Mr Syed Raza Ali Gillani has described the University of Lahore (UOL) as a nation’s pride, building a positive global image for Pakistan. In his powerful and charismatic delivery—both in English and Urdu, Mr Gillani commended key stakeholders including graduates and parents for the remarkable achievement. He was officiating at the occasion to mark the 8th UOL Convocation at the University’s Main Campus, Defense Road, Lahore, April 30, 2018.

While 51 percent (3,094) from a total of 6,103 degrees awarded were bachelors, 27 percent (1,626) were masters, 22 percent (1,367) postgraduates and 0.262 percent (16) Ph.Ds. Three percent (188 graduates) won Gold Medals for exceptional academic performance.

“I am a minister for the youth because you are our future. Trustworthiness, honesty, integrity and loyalty (at this institution) are the values proudly upgrading us as a nation,” he told the huge audience amidst applauses. The minister revealed that the government at federal and provincial levels has since introduced both short and long term reforms and various projects aimed at making the youth entrepreneurs.

“This year, 40 billion rupees have been allocated to education in Punjab province only and we have signed several MoUs and contracts with seven more international universities promising scholarships for our students,” he added.

The super event was also honored by the Chairman Punjab Higher Education Commission (PHEC), Prof Dr Mohammad Nizamuddin. “This is the beginning,” said Prof Nizamuddin after congratulating graduates. “You should continue to achieve more. Re-invent yourselves from time to time because the world you are joining is dynamic and calls for dynamic individuals.”

On behalf of UOL, the Chairman Board of Governors, Mr. Awais Raoof paid tribute to the guests for loving and supporting this institution. He equally commended parents and students for their sacrifices.

“This is a great day for this institution. It started with the humble efforts of our Patron, M.A. Raoof and the late M.H. Qazi. We shall continue to miss M.H., as a great man. The University no doubt has grown into a reputable research institution, with a 40,000 student population, 42 departments, 2,000+ fulltime academics, and four hospitals with 1,100 beds,” Mr. Awais revealed.

“We are grateful to our faculties; you are the backbone of this University. Last year, we had close to 1,000 journal articles published by our faculties. If given 100 years, we shall be among the top learning centres of this world,” he added.

Mr. Awais particularly paid rosy commendations for the continued guidance of the Patron, the Rector and the late M.H. Qazi. He asked guardians of students to continuously guide their children even after graduation. “As our graduates now spread around the world we want them to represent us well,” he observed.

The chairman highlighted various conferences that were recently held at UOL—some sponsored by the University and several others attended outside by faculty members in the fields of Health Sciences, Allied Health Sciences, Engineering and Technology, Biotechnology, Business, Management, Economics, Islamic studies, Pharmacy, Social Sciences, Physics and Mathematics.

He also recognized Dr. Imran Hameed and Prof. Dr. Arif Malik for being nominated as best “Young Researcher” by HEC and as member of Science and Technology Council Pakistan respectively.

The event was marked with deep appreciation of teachers, parents, friends, Patron, Rector, and Board of Governors for their immense contributions towards the elevation of UOL.

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