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Pakistan President Opens UOL’s sponsored Int’l Engineering Summit

Raheel Amir Awan

His Excellency the Pakistan President, Mr. Mamnoon Hussain in support of the advancement of technological innovations, research and training opened the first Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) International Deans’ Conference of Engineering Institutions.

“The government has done its best to ensure there is peace and we have fought against terrorism successfully,” said the President. Mr. Mamnoon further noted that engineers play a vital role in helping the government achieve its economic goals for the Pakistan people.

The President commended engineers for their contribution towards bettering livelihoods. “We are on our way to economic improvement and the use of better technology was inevitable,” he remarked, calling for more technological innovations to advance and better livelihoods in Pakistan.

The event attended by international industrial experts, scholars, decision makers, members of engineering education communities, and politicians, was sponsored by the University of Lahore on February 13-14 at Marriot Hotel, Islamabad.

Under the theme Engineering Education Standardization, Challenges and Solutions: Post Washington Accord Scenario, participants held different panel and policy round table discussions on a range of topics such as; accreditation, challenges and its solutions, and capacity building of undergraduate and graduate engineering programs.

Participants discussed national and international curriculum benchmarking; Higher Education Institution’s (HEI) mechanism to support entrepreneurship, startups, and applied research; collaborations and linkages with government, regulatory bodies, industry and engineering universities or institutions to enhance the role of industry in effective and productive engineering education; and PEC, HEC and Provincial Governments’ role to strengthen quality of engineering education and initiatives for future realistic development goals.

The University of Lahore delegation of participants consisted of a fifteen-member team of professors from Departments of Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, and Computer Engineering.

Speaking to the participants, Mr. Rana Tanveer, the Minister of Science and Technology applauded the engineers as very important personnel in the development of any country.

“For our country to realize all our development plans, the engineering fraternity continues to play a vital role in introducing new technologies and innovations that drive our economy to prosperity,” he observed.

Mr. Rana thanked the University of Lahore for its role in ensuring the success of the event alongside different entities that participated in bring different experts to share and forge a way forward for the engineering community in and out of Pakistan.

University of Lahore was represented by Dr. M. Zafarullah, Dr. M. Farooq Aslam, Dr. M. Fainan Hanif, Dr. M. Ishtiaq Ahmad and Dr. Naveed Ashraf from the department of Electrical Engineering. And Dr. Muhammad Zeeshan Rafique, Mr. Mansoor Ali Zaheer, Mr. Muhammad Atif and Mr. Habib Ullah from Mechanical Engineering department. Whereas Dr. Zahid Amhad Siddiqi, Dr. M. Alsam, Ch. Karamat Ali, Mr. M. Ali Khan and Mr. Akhtar Abbas represented Civil Engineering, and Dr. Muhammd Waseem Nawaz was the only representative from Computer Engineering and Information Technology department.

Lahore Business School’s (LBS) Head, Dr. Imran Hameed, the School’s Research Head, Dr. Faisal Qadeer, Dr. Rameez Ur Rehman, Mr. Kamran Manzoor, Mr. Rizwan Rasheed, Mr. Raheel Amir Awan, Mr. Saad Hussain and Mr. Muhammad Afzal consitituted part of the key organizers representing the University of Lahore.

The Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC), Higher Education Commission of Pakistan (HEC), and Federation of Engineering Institutions of Islamic Countries (FEIIC) were central in the organization of the event.

Here is the full list of the organizing committee members:

  1. Engr. Prof. Dr. Jameel Ahmed           Convener
  2. Engr. Prof. Dr. Taj Ali Khan                Member, KPK
  3. Engr. Prof. Dr. Madad Ali Shah          Member, Sindh
  4. Engr. Ashraf Ali Shah                        Balochistan
  5. Engr. Haider Ali Khan                        Member, Punjab
  6. Dr. Faisal Qadeer                              Member, The University of Lahore
  7. Dr Imran Hameed                             Member, The University of Lahore
  8. Engr. Dr. Nasir M. Khan                    Member, HoD, EAD, PEC
  9. Engr. Niaz Ahmed                            Focal Person/Addl. Registrar EAD, PEC
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