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Her tenure of presidency ended by December 2017 and she is now writing her final examinations of Pharm-D that she was admitted to in 2013. It took her 2 years to join the UOL Imperial Pharmaceutical Society (UOL-IPS) as a general member. However, due to her remarkable potential, expertise and leadership skills, Aqsa Mustafa was promoted to the post of Events Manager in July 2015. In the same year, she became the President of UOL-IPS. Aqsa’s leadership tenure has registered many successes that have promoted her faculty of Pharmacy in particular and UOL in general. She was behind the Shield Pakistan (23rd March 2017), the Epilepsy Day, and the International Pharmaceutical Conference and Exhibition that was accomplished in collaboration with Pakistan Pharmacist Association. The Job Fair, Skin Camps, HANIF Expo 2017, and Pak Pharma Exhibition were realized during her steward leadership. Additionally, Aqsa organized the World Pharmacist Day Celebrations, the first Pharmacy Quiz and Poster Exhibition and Scientific Session 2017 that elevated UOL-IPS to higher ranks. Aqsa attributes her triumph and progresses in academic career and leadership to support from coursemates, UOL-IPS Patron Sir Zeeshan Akbar and Office of Student Affairs’ Director, Ma’am Ammara Awais. “Director OSA has been helpful and I shall continue referring to her as advisor,” she says. “I appreciate the founder of UOL-IPS, Sir Zeeshan. He is our father and good tutor with valuable, constructive and rewarding efforts,” she adds. The leadership assignments have not barred Aqsa from excelling academically. She is proud of her CGPA of 3.25. She has accumulated medical experiences during her internship placements at the Combined military, Doctor, and Bahria International hospitals respectively. She attained first aid training with the Emergency Service Academy Rescue 1122 recently and she is a blogger. At aqsawrites. com, Aqsa has published researches in medical advancement; smoking cessation therapies; opioid cessation; Ketogenic diet with full calories requirement; flu vaccination; human immunity; asthma management; and drug addiction. She is a Pakistani though born in Kuwait in 1994. She attended Pakistan International School in Kuwait, American Public School and Punjab Group of Colleges before joining UOL.

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