Research Dashboard Project starts at UOL

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Under the guidelines of the Higher Education Commission (HEC), the Office of Research Innovation and Commercialization (ORIC) has initiated a project titled “UOL Research Dashboard” aimed at keeping track of research works within the University.  According to ORIC Director, Prof. Dr. Ishtiaq Hussain “Research Dashboard” is a web-based tool for keeping track of papers produced by the academic staff and it will make it possible for several researchers from various departments to assemble their publications’ record together with ease.

Pro-Rector Academics, Mr. Nasir Mahmood discussed the detailed plan of the project and approved the required resources. Dr. Muhammad Atif Chattha from Computer Science and Information Technology (CS & IT) department is the designated Project Manager. He revealed to The Spectacle April 20, 2018 that the project will be ready by October 2018. Two software developers from CS & IT are working with him to meet the deadline.

Dr. Chattha added that Research Dashboard will promote academia-industry linkages by combining all research activities under one roof. “So, the project will help to promote interdisciplinary research and joint projects or collaborations among researchers,” he said. “Technically, the project is a web application that will be integrated with the University website. Individual researchers will update their profiles whereas for the general public interest, statistics will be available for example to show the overall research publications by a campus, by a faculty, by department or by an individual.” Dr. Chattha explained.

The new innovation will archive all research-papers published by UOL academics in a particular period and will make it possible for the University administration to take strategic decisions in the promotion of research culture. According to the project proposal documentation, the tracking of articles for an individual faculty researcher will also help in writing grant applications. Additionally, the project is easing the monitoring and documentation of research at UOL.

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