SIA discusses Pakistan-U.S. ties

Sundus Awan

Society of International Affairs (SIA) organized a talk on April 25, 2018 under the title ‘Pak-US ties and the geopolitical great game in the region’ which was delivered by Brig. (Retd) Samson Sharaf. He discussed the new bipolar world order, after which the East and West emerged. He argued that Pakistan came into being in the backdrop of this world order and that the US containment plan was launched to prevent the expansion of communism. Pakistan became an important part of the containment ring based on CENTO and SEATO, according to Brig. Sharaf.

He elucidated the three geopolitical theories which are governing the world since the end of World War 1 adding that these theories are also affecting Pak – U.S. relations. “Pakistan is a strong coalition partner of US, but also a country on their target list. There are certain irritants that hinder the US dominance over Pakistan and these are; Pakistan’s Nuclear Policy; China Policy, Afghan Policy and Policy of Pakistan towards India.

In his analysis, Pakistan will be brought under pressure once the U.S. is free from other commitments. An interactive question and answer session was held.


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