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The Society for International Affairs  (SIA) organized a lecture on  “Pakistan’s Nuclear Weapons:  An introduction” in Auditorium I of the  Defense Road Campus Lahore. The  lecture was delivered by Dr. Rabia  Akhtar, Director Centre for Security,  Strategy and Policy Research (CSSPR)  and mainly attended by the faculty and  students of the School of Integrated  Social Sciences.  Dr. Akhtar started by charting the  history of Pakistan’s nuclear program  expanding on to Pakistan’s nuclear  doctrine, inventory of Pakistan’s  missiles and threats and challenges to  Pakistan’s nuclear weapons program.  She stated that, “Pakistan was a  reluctant entrant to the nuclear club and  was not the first one to bring nuclear  weapons to South Asia”. Furthermore,  she provided the audience with a  historical overview of Pakistan’s  nuclear program, its diplomatic efforts  and proposals to keep South Asia  a nuclear weapon free zone and its  nuclear journey.  The lecture was followed by a question  answer session in which both faculty  and students participated with keen  interest. She asked the audience to  critically analyze the reports that single  out Pakistan as the most dangerous  place in the world in the context of  nuclear safety. She also claimed that  security for Pakistan is as safe or unsafe  as any other nuclear weapon state in  the world and since Pakistan knows  its own domestic security context  well enough than others, it has put in  place the required security and safety  mechanisms to safeguard its nuclear  weapons and their delivery means.  The event ended with a note of thanks  by the President of the Society of  International Affairs, Mr. Ahsan Javeed.  SIA will also be conducting other  events on national and international  affairs during this academic year.

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