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The Spectacle Newsletter Team is so grateful to you as our reader. Your constructive comments regarding the January 2018 Edition, were certainly helpful. The content quality, scope, and appearance will continue to progress through your feedback. You are our consumer, and therefore, your interests and satisfaction, are the reason for our presence.

The Oxford dictionaries.com defines universities as high level educational institutions in which students study for degrees and academic research is done. The Worldometers.info also puts the Pakistan’s median age to 22.7 years. Additionally, the UoL’s student body has expanded beyond 37,000 across the seven campuses offering more than 200 degree programmes. Owing to such facts, The Spectacle wishes to make the youths (students) a centre of focus in content coverage.

Students are of two dimensions—the continuing and the alumni. Basing on the Spectacle’s slogan of displaying relevance, we wish to provide space to students’ activities, achievements, and capabilities. Through this, they can learn from one another in a competitive spirit. Being the largest private sector university in Pakistan, UoL is a hub of numerous opportunities that students must be aware of. We are here to inform them about those openings.

Students belong to over 45 clubs and societies. Through such avenues, events are hosted and the youngsters within and outside the university may wish to benefit from them. Parents are also eager to know the potentials of the children they support, morally and financially. Reading about what they do at the university is real satisfaction and value for money.

Apart from students, central to the definition of universities, is research. It is done by students and supervised by lecturers. We wish to expose such for public consumption. The value of education is realized through solving community challenges through research. Departments can always share useful student projects with us and expose successful alumni, where they are, and what they are doing.

The entire students’ life is in our interest. Conferences and workshops attended; trophies won; researches published; innovations made; community outreaches done; study visits; culture and art; jokes and poetry; letters to the editor; and pictures to tell relevant stories.

You are all welcome at The Spectacle news desk.

Abdulhamid Mpoza

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