Students; Emulate Abdul Hannan

Last year, Abdul Hannan, a current Master student of Electrical and Electronics Systems at UOL’s Raiwind Road Campus, came up with incredible research in Robotics. He developed a Humanoid Robot titled “Real Hero Robo-RH ROBO”. This innovation is believed to be the first of its kind in Pakistan with technologically advanced features.

Powered by Android App, RH ROBO can execute human tasks like teaching, security provision, nursing, spying, communication, and many more. Important to note, it was Abdul Hannan’s final year project of his Bachelor of Science Electrical and Electronics Systems. He indeed demonstrated academic diligence, commitment, persistence, and ability to apply grasped knowledge and skills. Congratulations Mr. Abdul Hannan! Mr. Ghulam Shabbir, Mr. Ashfaq Ahmad, and Mr. Waseem Nazar, the three supervisors of RH ROBO, did a commendable job. The entire UOL senior management team is highly appreciated for supporting such innovations.

Now, to you students, Abdul Hannan’s innovation ought to be an inspirational step. He had an academic goal, and the lecturers were present and ready to make him realize it. As you enroll for any academic programme, set a target of what you want to achieve in the four or five years at UOL, and what you want to be after graduation. Additionally, what mark do you wish leave behind?

Knowledge and skills gained from classrooms and laboratories must be put to use or be translated into tangible results like RH ROBO. Unemployment, one of the challenges of developing nations, one of its remedies, is to have education institutions that produce graduates who can create jobs. With Abdul Hannan’s skills, he can create a job for himself and jobs for others.

The Spectacle, therefore, calls upon all UOL students to be practical and demonstrate tangible results of the knowledge and skills acquired. Do critical thinking, plan, imagine, research, study, observe the environment, and come up with something that makes a difference. Our dear lecturers and professors, thank you for teaching. However, add on the mentorship role. Mentor students to be like you and prevail over them so that they can be like Abdul Hannan and the like.

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