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Students Initiative Raises Awareness on Baluchistan

Sundus Awan (Pharm D Semester 4)

Quetta (Kuwatah) is one of the cities of Pakistan that holds a deep history and notable position. It first came into the record when captured by Sultan Mahmud Ghazni. Before the earthquake of 1935, Quetta was known to us as ‘The little London’ and sometimes referred as ‘The little Paris’. As the epicenter of the earthquake was close to the city so it destroyed the whole infrastructure and caused massive loss of lives. After the creation of Integral State of Pakistan, it was awarded with the honor by declaring it as Provincial Capital of Baluchistan.
In order to raise awareness of students of the University of Lahore (UoL) about this piece of land, the Baluchistan Initiative Students Society organized two events in October and November 2017 to achieve this objective. During the two events, Mr. Ahmad Balouch, a son of the land, elucidated about the history of the area tackling both pre and post partition scenarios and the current challenges of this region that appears not to be known.
Mr. Mir Jameel Balouch, the President of Balouchistan Initiative Society, during the October event at UoL Defense Road Campus, highlighted the current situation of Quetta adding that the younger generation there, requires the attention of everyone in Pakistan. “The education system in our region is alarming. We need government and civil society attention to guarantee the future of Quetta,” he said.
The beauty part of Balouchistan, was shown in a short documentary that displayed the mesmerizing sceneries and different traditional dishes of the area. For displaying the culture, the traditional Makarani Balochi Chap (cultural dance) was presented by the members of society.
Another entertainment interlude was a short skit presented by students led by Mudassir Siddique, a student of International Relations on the ancient love story of Hani and Shah Mureed. The skit also portrayed the representatives of all Pakistan provinces and showed that unity was possible despite internal minor differences.
The November event that was held at the UoL old campus was graced by Mr. Saqib Bashir, a young enthusiastic leader who has been part of many projects organized by the UN in Baluchistan. Both events attracted more than 250 students and were heavily supported by the office of students’ affairs (OSA).

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