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The University of Lahore (UOL) is a private sector chartereduniversity, established in 2002 by the Ibadat Education Trustin the Punjab, with a distinct goal of enriching our studentswith the right knowledge, abilities, and characteristics that groomand polish their talents in a multidimensional way. The mission ofthis institution is to impart quality education and research to theyouth of the country in an academic environment via all-embracingand state-of the-art teaching and research facilities.In order to realize our mission and goal, we have put in place ahighly enabling culture and a very conducive environment for qualitylearning. Our state of the art physical resources like technicallaboratories, libraries, lecture rooms, information technologyfacilities, and sport complexes, are an attestation to this. Despitesuch physical infrastructure, at UOL, we are also very keen toobserve our ethical and social values so that while educationbecomes a way of life, values must remain in focus. We seek toprepare a mindset instilled with the code of ethics and social normsthat are universal and acceptable across cultures and communities.As a university, we are proud of our graduates wherever they go.Many are leaders, technical consultants, job creators, experts,educators, and practitioners etc. with abilities to handle a varietyof economic, political and social problems in a rapidly changingglobal society.Due to resolute efforts, the UOL has expanded to 7 campuseswith a 36,935+ student body, 200+ degree programs, 1,535academic faculties, and 23,000+ alumni network. On top of this,we are in fruitful collaborations with many international Universities  around the globe, for instance, the UK, USA, Turkey, New Zealand,   Uganda, Iran, Northern Cyprus, Thailand, Russia, Sudan, Iraq, Malaysia, and so on.Continuously, the UOL has been initiating projects aimed atinvesting students with skills additional to those they were admittedfor the Spectacle newsletter being one of such. Apart from themwriting own stories, students will get a lot of information about UOLopportunities and potentials.I therefore congratulate the Spectacle team for reviving thispublication and I hope that all faculties, departments and campuseswill give this initiative the necessary support.

M.A. Raoof

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