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It is heartening to see the Spectacle Team coming  up with this wonderful initiative of the newsletter for  the University of Lahore (UOL). Due to its vast size,  the University host a lot of activities and information  regarding them must be passed on to the various  stakeholders through this initiative. We hope that the  newsletter will fulfill this role effectively. With the Spectacle going online, the latest academic information will be disseminated to students, staff, and the rest of the world instantly. Under the guidance of Mr M.A. Raoof, the Patron-in- Chief, the UOL has been striving to provide students with world class facilities and academic programmes that turned it into the largest non-profit Private Sector University of Pakistan. We are also proud of our academic and non-teaching staffs who tirelessly dedicate their physical and mental efforts to maintain the acceptable standards. I take this opportunity to appreciate all of you and wish you a prosperous 2018.

Mr. Nasir Mahmood

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