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UoL Culture Society Gives life to forgotten heritage

Saira Asghar 

An enriched cultural one-day folk festival “LOK MELA” was celebrated by the students of University of Lahore. The fascinating event was organized by Art and Culture Society on December 24, 2017. The major highlights were artists’ hand crafts, work, folk songs, folk dance, folk tales, traditional food cuisine, cultural dresses, and exotic craft bazaar. Cultural dances were good especially the Saraiki dance. The comparison part was also superb, it kept the students engaged and a stall by a palmist attracted many students.

Another beautiful display was the cultural decoration—done with various mixes to make it more idyllic. The indigenous cultural traditions that are no longer in practice, but part of Pakistan heritage, were given tribute throughout.

All the four provincial beautiful cultures showed the realness and beauty through dances and songs. A huge number of students attended, felt refreshed, and celebrated despite the nearing end of semester exams. This Mela showed the power and beauty of culture in the contemporary society.

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