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Just like the normative liberal theorists  of the 19th century who assert that all  ideas should be put before the public,  and the public will choose the best from  that “marketplace”, the University of Lahore  Human Resource Manager, Mr. Bilal Younas  believes The Spectacle newsletter must  just do that for readers. “We should have  serious stuff, relaxation, news from within  our campuses, politics, social matters,  business, management, etc,” he said. This  was during an exclusive interview aimed at  sharing his views about The Spectacle with  this reporter held at his office, November  28, 2017.  He contends that the newsletter will engage  more people beyond their offices and  professions. “By reading this newsletter,  readers will be able to know where they  can find other opportunities to widen their  experience or relax. If there are film festival  rehearsals at School of Creative Arts, I  might want to watch that after office work.  A person with a social science mind might  wish to know how a water pump works.  Such must be reported for us to know.” He  added.  Mr. Younas calls upon the more than 4,000  UOL staff to share their views and experiences  on varied topics through the newsletter.  “We are proud about our high quality staff  both academic and administrative. These  are from varied backgrounds and trainings.  They need to share what they know with  others and learn what they are missing from  others,” he observes.  Regarding students, Younas wants students  to be actively involved in form of writing and  being reported. He argues that employers  must be spotting good students from the  newsletter. “If our talented and trained  students are reported about, employers will  identify them. Still employers must know of  what is happening at the University. Some  copies of the newsletter should be sent to  our key stakeholders in the employment  sector.” He says.

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