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UoLTH Starts Renal Dialysis Services

Spectacle Staff Writer 

The University of Lahore Teaching Hospital (UOLTH) is consistently expanding services for the public good. The newest of these are anchored towards solving community health challenges, particularly in three clientele categories. Financially able patients are served, those with financial deficits are subsidized, and others with proof of inability to clear hospital bills are assisted through the Zakat window.

Treatment of kidney failure (renal dialysis), bladder, and prostate problems are some of the new services at the UOLTH. Ten of the fifteen reported cases are diagnosed daily and a substantial number is operated weekly. This is according to Dr. Muhammad Haroon Ghous, a Consultant Urologist and the Head of Urology at UoL.

Dr. Muhammad attributes kidney and prostate problems to kidney stones, diabetes, and high blood pressure. “In this region the main causes of kidney failure are kidney stones, hypertensions, and diabetes. Though cancer is also a major contributor,” he said. He appeals to the general public to do medical checkups regularly in order to detect any diseases in their infancy stage. “Our professional appeal to all people in this country is to do medical checkups regularly. Many of the killer diseases claiming the lives of our dear ones, once detected early, can be cured,” he added.

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