Why Promotion of Pakistan Image, is a Collective Responsibility

Hiba Khan

Pakistan is receiving a major backlash from international media. The picture painted of it, is something that you don’t wish to look at. It is a serious reputation crisis right now as earmarked by the UoL Pakistan Promotional Narratives’ Project documents. The University is in high gear to collaborate with international experts to promote the success stories of our nuclear power. This is indeed a welcome move.

The negative image painted of our nation, affects its tourism, investment, and marketability in all aspects. The country is externally portrayed as fraught with internal rifts, nearly daily bomb blasts, and unpredictable political future. Others look it from the corruption point of view, whereas in other circles, it is a country that has failed to root-out terrorism. Surprisingly, there are many treasures that seem to be hidden from the international media attention. For instance, Pakistan’s contribution in the fight against terrorism appears to be forgotten.  The agricultural sector successes; technological and architectural advances; and geographical sceneries seem not to be noticed. We are also hospitable people and faithful.

Why Should We All Care? 

It is not just about Pakistan’s future, it’s about mine, yours, and our coming generations’ future too. Being a Pakistani, it is our duty to help reform the reputation and rebuild the image of our country afresh. We, as a young generation, need to worry more. We sometimes need to move out for further studies or greener pastures. We might be discriminated and our opportunities blocked. We also need more investors as well to boost our economy.

It should not be a blame game. Let all people from different walks of life and sectors play their part. There are so many little contributions that you and I can do to partake Pakistan’s reputation better. It can be at individual level or a collective effort. Think of becoming environmental friendly or to assist the under-privileged children for education. Think of stopping to participate in corruption, to be a better neighbor, to donate blood, go out and vote, and help those in need. After that, we can start working at an advanced level too. The best way to reform society, is to start from the individuals and then the family unit.

Let us do something. Spiritual leaders must work on our souls. Schools and universities prepare better human resources. Civil servants be efficient. Politicians ought to be transparent. Farmers, produce more food for domestic consumption and international markets. Scientists should endeavor for more discoveries and promote them. Mothers and fathers must appreciate to be at the core of this reform effort—the family unit, that sprouts into a better generation.

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